Custom handcrafted fender hooks all designed, engineered and manufactured in-house in the Netherlands. At Lux’s we strive to make the perfect product for you. All our products are custom-made, and every fender hook is individually measured with LiDAR so each fender hook has a perfect fit.

The core structure is made of strong durable 316 stainless-steel that is covered with soft sheepskin to perfectly protect your yacht. The outside is covered with a thick premium grade leather that is completely maintenance free and easy to clean since our design that doesn’t have any stitching on the side or on any other visible part.

Great aesthetics

Besides our normal custom fender hooks, we also supply fender hook style items like our bulward door holders, specially designed to hold the bulwark door in place and protect the painted and varnishes surfaces. Moreover, we provide specially designed sea-bob holders for quick and easy access with great aesthetics.